Let’s talk straight.

We offer you a free consultation with a specialist to better understand all the legal aspects surrounding the hiring of a nanny or a lady companion, particularly with respect to labor law and the rights of the self-employed worker.

If you prefer a lodged employee, we offer a “live in” service that includes recruitment, immigration procedures and all the support you will need when your new family member arrives.

The hiring of your nanny, companion, housekeeper or caregiver will be done legally, safely, in accordance with the Canadian laws in force and according to your personal expectations.

Our features:

  • 1 in-house attorney;
  • 1 human resources specialist;
  • 600 candidates in our database;
  • 5 or 6 new candidates are welcomed at our offices each week, of which only 2 or 3 will be accepted at the agency;
  • In 2018, 50 Québec families welcomed their nannies from countries as diverse as Hong Kong, the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico and Kuwait, thanks to the extraordinary work of our in-house counsel. These are 50 families who can now happily reconcile work and private life!


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