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Since 2004, Regency nannies has been serving Canadian families to find the perfect nanny for each and everyone of them.

In August 2019, the site undergoes a major overhaul to better meet the growing demand of Internet users wanting to better know the details surrounding the hiring of a nanny, a governess, an au pair, general help or a companion at home. After all, it’s a new member of the family that comes under our roof!

We hope that you will like this new design and that its content will answer many of your questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! It will always be a pleasure to inform you.

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Regency Nannies


Nanny, housekeeper, caregiver or cleaning lady:

For your family, trust our flair and expertise.

In most cases, babysitters, nannies, housekeepers or caregivers agencies offering matchmaking services will leave you by yourself to sort through thousands of female home helpers.

Among these choices, some data may be incorrect, misleading and/or contain false statements.

With the help of Regency nannies, a Canadian and foreign home helpers placement agency, looking for the right employee will be a breeze:

  • Contact us to discuss your childcare or home help needs;
  • Let us guide you in the choices available to you:
    • nanny, housekeeper, companion or the combination of the three;
    • employee residing in Canada or from abroad;
    • resident home help (live-in);
    • non-resident home help (live-out);
    • full-time or part-time.
  • Fill out a form detailing the hours of work and skills you are looking for in your employee;
  • Rest assured that your information will remain confidential;
  • Talk to our candidates on the phone;
  • Invite your favorite candidates to meet your family;
  • Submit a two-week trial, without commitment;
  • Hire the nanny, the housekeeper or the perfect caregiver for your family;
  • Delegate your boring tasks such as cooking, ironing, cleaning, washing clothes or car, mowing the lawn, welcoming children after school or driving them to their various educational and cultural activities;
  • Relax with your family!


The unexpected sometimes happens, and we thought about it!

Although our working method is well established, from the first contact with the family until the hiring of our candidate, through the needs identification, the triage through our database, the matching, the interview and the trial period, it is possible that sometimes, a glitch can occur.

This is a very rare phenomenon, but possible.

That’s why we offer you a replacement guarantee for your nanny at no extra cost for a period of three months after hiring. *

Peace of mind … Another reason to do business with our agency for hiring your home help!

*Only applicable if the nanny is Canadian


We know your time is precious!

Regency nannies was acquired in 2004 by Stephanie Séguin, a lawyer and mother who understood the difficulty of finding a home helping hand and proper child care for busy professional families.

Our company now has many years of experience and our expertise in placing nannies, caregivers and housekeepers in Canada is second to none.

It is now Ida, an immigration lawyer, who took over the immigration projects of nannies in 2018.


You won’t find our nannies online!

It is from an internal database that we carefully sort and select the candidates who are most likely to meet your requirements.

Hiring a domestic worker is not an event to be taken lightly. A professional home helping lady is someone who is part of the family that employs her. She rubs shoulders with its members everyday and often over a long period of time.

In this way, we select quality candidates ourselves, matching the specific needs and unique lifestyle of each family.

An important saving of time and energy which avoids many disappointments and a panoply of inconveniences.


We know our nannies!

We know all our candidates very well. We have met them all, and each of them was duly evaluated.

Most of them are women from the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and Kuwait. They live in our neighborhood, near our offices or were either referred to us by satisfied families or by other satisfied employees, or they came from themselves, attracted by our ethics and by the excellent reputation we enjoy in their communities.

Doing business with us is:

  • Talk to real people;
  • Avoid the many unwanted emails, phony replies and phishing you get with online agencies;
  • Get rid of occasional babysitters who will let you down at the start of school;
  • Choose to meet few, but high quality candidates, thanks to our target approach of PPER candidates (Professional, Pre-evaluated, Experienced, Recommended) designed by our human resources specialist.


Let’s talk straight.

We offer you a free consultation with a specialist to better understand all the legal aspects surrounding the hiring of a nanny or a lady companion, particularly with respect to labor law and the rights of the self-employed worker.

If you prefer a lodged employee, we offer a “live in” service that includes recruitment, immigration procedures and all the support you will need when your new family member arrives.

The hiring of your nanny, companion, housekeeper or caregiver will be done legally, safely, in accordance with the Canadian laws in force and according to your personal expectations.

Our features:

  • 1 in-house attorney;
  • 1 human resources specialist;
  • 600 candidates in our database;
  • 5 or 6 new candidates are welcomed at our offices each week, of which only 2 or 3 will be accepted at the agency;
  • In 2018, 50 Québec families welcomed their nannies from countries as diverse as Hong Kong, the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico and Kuwait, thanks to the extraordinary work of our in-house counsel. These are 50 families who can now happily reconcile work and private life!